HoWSC 13 | Amy Mance

Amy Mance, Team 326, Junior division was what my name tag read for my first ever World Scholars Cup round, that took place in June of 2017. What it didn’t say was “nervous-wreck”, “doesn’t know how to impromptu debate” or “has used the most inefficient notes of all time to study.” 

I entered WSC because I love to learn. I remember reading an article in my school’s newsletter regarding the teams who were competing at Globals and it was with complete certainty I told my Mum “I’m going to do that next year.” And so I did. But I came back the year after and plan to return once again this year and next year. The adrenaline rush I get when I stand up and debate, the pride I feel when I hand up my essay and the nerves I experience when I put my pen down at the conclusion of the challenge simply can’t be matched by anything else.

WSC has allowed me to experience what everyday life does not offer and has taught me what school fails to. In science, whilst it is necessary to know that the Mitochondria is the powerhouse of as cell, we are never taught about Smart Homes, or the beginnings of wheelchairs. And whilst it may be required for us to study World War 1 in history, the school curriculum neglects to teach us about okuyi or kahs-wan. In school, we get taught information that we will need in life. In WSC, we get taught how to apply that information, an invaluable skill.

WSC is more than a curriculum; it is a community. This competition has provided me with the skills to debate, refined my writing, allowed me to develop new relationships, let me experience new cultures and given me five alpacas and counting. And now that I have used OnePwaa’s resources for two years, I feel it is my turn to give a little back. So, it is with unfaltering enthusiasm, that I am ready to embrace this year’s curriculum, opportunities and learning experiences, through the role of a scholar and COO.

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