HoWSC 11 | Ellen Ng

When I think of the World Scholar’s Cup, I don’t think about my medals, my trophies or my achievements, instead I think about a group of strangers, dancing under an iridescent display of lights, a new found confidence flooding over me and as we exit the room we emerge as a group of friends. I think about the pride i feel for my friends as their eyes glistened with tears of happiness and ran towards the stage with a blanket of cheers behind them. I think about the friends I got to make, how the world has now become more interconnected because of this program and how i got to learn about multiple cultures through several friendships and how it has broaden my horizon.

4 years ago, I took a chance, shyly signing up for WSC and ended up returning every year to experience once again the best moments of my life. What’s special about this program, is how everyone is welcomed. When you’re a scholar, old or new, you feel a sense of belonging and welcoming during the competition and that sense of belonging stays with you every season. There are a lot of things that we all can take differently from this program, but yet we all leave with new memories and friendships.

​I’m grateful for WSC as it allowed me to open up to more people, pursue my interests and pushed me to break new barriers. For example joining the talent show, I shakily stepped up onto the stage, wiping my clammy hands on my dress, but when I looked up to my friends and the community i call my family, my heart was flooded with happiness and contempt and I had this newfound bravery. Every year, I look forward to the WSC rounds because I know that I will meet new friends, make new experiences and make new memories. So, all I want to say, to every scholar, old or new, to my friends and to the WSC staff, thank you from the bottom of my heart. :)

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