HoWSC 10 | Anis Adiba

Quiet. Shy. Introverted. Those words clearly define me as a person ever since I was a small kid. I can barely speak without stuttering for a presentation in class and I can never imagine myself speaking in front of a huge audience. But things changed.  

Things became different as I started my high school years. I was 13 when out of nowhere my friends asked me to join a “debate competition” with them. As confused as you are right now my curiosity back then lead me to join a group of seniors to participate in a life changing competition called the  ”World Scholars Cup”. In my first year, I didn’t even make it to the global rounds but then I gained what I needed most, experience. My first experience in WSC changed me and showed me my inner self who had been hiding under her shell of fear. I became much more engaged in the debate world and I feel like I finally found a place in the community where I belonged.  

I joined WSC the next year and I qualified not only to the global round at Bangkok but also to the Tournament of Champions at Yale University. The whole programme was such a game changer for me as it allowed me to explore new things about the world, indulge into their culture from scholars all around the globe, and also create valuable memories that I will cherish throughout my lifetime. 

I also saw changes in myself where I saw my ability to talk in front of people increase drastically, I am also able to see things differently from other perspectives and also I know with the help of this programme, I realized how every single person is somehow related to one another which is incredible.It is a small world after all. 

And words can’t describe how thankful I am towards the OnePwaa team for helping me financially to support my expense for this year’s global round. I am really grateful and I hope their mission to help other scholars will be a success in the future rounds.

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