HoWSC 4 | Diya Amin

When I first started debating, I hadn’t expected to be thrown into a regional round within my first week of practice. But what I didn’t know what that that tournament was the World Scholar’s Cup, and it would be an absolute blast.

Mind you, I got next to no detail about the competition when I was first told about it, apart from the fact that there was debating, global rounds and alpacas. Looking back, it was a lot more than that - it was an experience that would change my outlook on learning and debating altogether.

Amidst the awkwardness I felt while surrounded by others from local schools I’d never spoken to before and the joyous fear (does that make sense?) I felt while performing in the scholars show and dancing at the award ceremony, I felt happier than I had in a long while. I felt accepted despite barely being able to speak to others. 

Globals was even more magical - while experiencing the scavenge, the even bigger scholar’s show, the scholar’s ball and the award ceremony, I felt that sense of belonging all the while. It was so easy to bond with others from all across the globe, because deep down all scholars are the same, with the same passion and love for this program. I will always be grateful for being introduced to this amazing community.

2018 may end up being my last year in the program, but I still want to say some thank yous. Thank you, WSC, for helping me develop my confidence. Thank you to my teammates for helping me through the awkwardness with jokes and laughs, And a massive thank you to my former coach, who introduced me to the program and helped me get through all the debates in spite of my nerves.

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